License Qualicoat Nr 813
Obtained in 2001 for the new facilities

Qualicoat License Nr 810

Obtained in 1997 for the first line

In addition to our QUALICOAT (coating) quality certification, that we have for over 25 years, we have some of the most demanding and respected product certifications, such as QUALILAQUAGE and QUALIMARINE (coating), QUALIDECO (wood effect lacquering) and QUALANOD (anodizing).
We also have ISO:9001 certification and we are considered PME Líder, both since 2010, and PME Excelência.

We are proud to say that we have the QUALICOAT Quality Label for more than 25 years.

What is it?

QUALICOAT is an organization that awards a quality label license to promote and maintain the quality of coating or painting with liquid paint on aluminium surfaces and their alloys intended for architecture.


What is the advantage of it?

Working on behalf of its customers who have their products lacquered, QUALICOAT defines the quality requirements to be fulfilled and monitors their compliance by authorized job coaters around the world. This gives to the coated aluminium buyers the assurance that they will receive a premium quality product, delivering long-term value and consistent quality.


QUALICOAT at Lacoviana

We have the QUALICOAT Quality Label since 1997, also satisfying the conditions to produce finishes with SEASIDE Class A1 and A2 (double alkaline/acid attack).
When we moved to the new industrial area in Viana do Castelo, a new QUALICOAT license was also awarded for the new facilities from 2001 (license nr. 813), reverting the original license to another company (license no. 810) that occupied the original facilities of Lacoviana.

For more information www.qualicoat.net.

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