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Aluminium Treatment and Coating

Founded in 1988, Lacoviana already has 35 years of experience in the treatment of aluminium.

Your aluminium in good hands

The beginning of our history goes back to the year 1988. After 35 years of experience (and also for more than 25 years with QUALICOAT certification), the evolution was enormous. From a modest line of treatment and lacquering of profiles, we acquired a second and modern line with greater productive capacity, conciliating versatility with productive capacity with the aim of giving a better response to our customers.

Our main goal? Conquer, every day, the satisfaction and trust of all those who, over the years, have trusted us. From the employees to the customers. But more than saying it, you have to do it! That is why, from the first contact to the delivery, in the smallest detail and care, there is no step that we do not consider important and that does not deserve our attention.

Bearing in mind our experience in aluminium treatments, we are at your disposal with the most modern technology in terms of Coating, Wood Effect Coating (Powder on Powder and Sublimation), Anodizing and Insulation. We are waiting for you in one of our production units installed in the Industrial Area of Neiva (Viana do Castelo).

In addition to ISO:9001 certification, we also have some of the most demanding and respected product certifications such as QUALICOAT with Seaside Class A1 and A2, QUALILAQUAGE and QUALIMARINE (coating), QUALIDECO (wood effect coating) and QUALANOD (anodizing).