License Qualanod Nr 1415
Obtained in 2008

Purchasers of anodized aluminium receive a premium quality product.

What is it for?

QUALANOD is a quality brand organization committed to the maintenance and quality promotion of anodized aluminium and its alloys for architectural applications.
To determine whether an anodization meets our customer’s requirements, the results must be measurable according to technical specifications. On behalf of customers who own anodized products, QUALANOD defines the quality requirements and monitors their compliance with authorized anodizers around the world. In this way, buyers of anodized aluminium receive a premium quality product offering long-term value with good quality.

The contribution

Over the years, QUALANOD has greatly contributed to guaranteeing quality aluminium structures used in architecture.

QUALANOD at Lacoviana

Lacoviana obtained the QUALANOD license in 2008 (license number 1415).

For further information www.qualanod.net.

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