License Qualideco Nr  PT-001
Obtained in 2004

In order to determine if a coating service meets the requirements of our customers, the results must be measurable according to technical specifications.

What is it?

QUALIDECO is a quality label defining and regulating decorative finishes on coated aluminium (such as wooden effect). It covers a broad spectrum of appealing surface coating applications based for example on the transfer of images on coated supports, or on a powder on powder application using suitable technologies.

Main purpose

The purpose of the decoration specifications is to ensure constant control of the decorated product and thus grant a QUALIDECO license to decorators for exterior architectural applications.

QUALIDECO provides an unquestionable guarantee of excellence.

How to get it?

Since QUALIDECO is a sub-license created under QUALICOAT, it is necessary that all the operations before the decoration are in agreement with QUALICOAT so that the quality of the coating complies with the directives.
There may be two types of situations: if the decorator is not the same as the job coater, and in this case, the base coated has to be made by a QUALICOAT job coater; if the decorator and the painter are the same company, it should already be the holder of the QUALICOAT license, so the requirement is naturally satisfied.

QUALIDECO at Lacoviana

In addition to the quality label QUALICOAT, obtained since 1997, we obtained QUALIDECO quality label in 2004 for our wooden powder on powder effect (license nº PT-0001).

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