It complies with all EN14024:2004 norms.

The traditional aluminium joinery is composed of one-piece aluminium profiles. The heat, the cold and the noise are very easily transmitted through the profile.

Reasons to use Insulation

The aluminium joinery with thermal break-point has the inner and outer faces separated by an insulating element composed of two polyamide bars reinforced with fibreglass. This system allows creating a barrier that isolates heat, cold and noises of the exterior, increasing the comfort inside the house.
The current awareness of the importance of a double-glazed window should also extend to aluminium.

Insulation of aluminium profiles

We provide a service of joining of profiles through polyamide (thermal cutting), fulfilling all the requirements of EN14024:2004 norm, as well as the realization of the respective tests of shear and transversal force in accordance with the norm.
We are a certified company recommended by Technoform, the world leader in the extrusion of polyamides.

Materials care

Because we believe that the finished material must be treated with care, we have a plastification service of profiles and smooth plates (one or two sides), in order to give a greater protection during the process of transport, storage and handling of the materials.

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