Label QUALANOD since 2008.
Norms NP1482, NP1480, NP2908 e NP2907

Anodized profiles retain their characteristics and properties in all weather conditions, even when exposed to a highly corrosive atmosphere.

What does it consist in?

This process is based on the electrochemical treatment of aluminium with the aim of artificially creating a homogeneous layer of alumina (aluminium oxide) with a variable thickness (between 5 and 25 microns). This appreciable hardness layer, after being treated, becomes impenetrable to most chemicals, air and water.

The advantages

This process offers to the architecture not only the natural colour of aluminium, but also a range of colours achieved with the electrolytic colouring, from silver to black, through the colours of champagne and bronze, and also the colours yellow and gold. In addition to these finishes, we have the necessary interference technology for the production of blue and grey tones.
In terms of mechanical treatments, we have the ability to produce the brushed and sanded finish (scratched effect), polished and repolished (shiny appearance).


The colours are merely a suggestion and shouldn’t be used as a test colour. If required, kindly request a real tester.
For a full-colour range, kindly contact Lacoviana or request our catalogue.

Quality assurance

For such anodising treatments, the performance and quality conditions are established in directives and standards defined by QUALANOD, that manages the renowned brand of the same name. As holders of this certificate since 2008, we ensure compliance with these same directives.
Anodized products retain their characteristics and properties in all weather conditions, even when exposed to highly corrosive conditions. For this reason, this is considered the appropriate surface treatment for hostile environments such as sea and factory areas.

Environmental responsibility

During the anodization process, the environmental aspects are respected and measures are taken to rationalize the consumption of water and energy.

Materials care

Because we believe that the finished material must be treated with care, we have a plastification service of profiles and smooth plates (one or two sides), in order to give a greater protection during the process of transport, storage and handling of the materials.

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